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We are experienced and qualified mediators having complementary profiles that will provide personalized and quality services.
Our team consists of accredited and certified mediators as well as expert partners and collaborators.

Our professionals

Thierry Bériault

Me Thierry Bériault

President and Chartered Mediator (IMAQ and ADRIC)

Me Thierry Bériault is a chartered mediator and lawyer. Since 2005, he conducted more than 750 mediations in the private, public and para-public sectors. His vast experience in conflict resolution leads him to mediate complex commercial and workplace matters comprising significant relational and political issues.

Me Thierry Bériault is a specialist in mediation processes, which he teaches at the Master Program in Dispute Prevention & Resolution at the Université de Sherbrooke (Canada), as well as at Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II (France) and Université de Mons (Belgium). His expertise leads him to train mediators in Canada, Europe, and Africa as well.

For several years, he presided over the Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Quebec (IMAQ). He also chaired the board of directors of the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC).

Juliette Oudin

Me Juliette Oudin

Accredited mediator (IMAQ) and Conflict Prevention and Resolution Advisor

Me Juliette Oudin is an accredited mediator and lawyer. She has been working at BCPR since January 2022 as a Conflict Prevention and Resolution Advisor. Me Oudin studied conflict resolution and law for many years in Quebec and in France.

Her interest for conflict prevention and resolution led her to complete a professional internship with Me Bériault in 2017-2018.

Me Oudin is also specialised in health law, as she followed the bi-diploma at the Master program of Université de Sherbrooke and Université de Montpellier, and completed her articling at a Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux.

Our partners

Sam Clermont-Conille dedicated her career to engage people in dialogue, acquiring a rich experience in organizational disputes resolution and governance, including her role in the board of an international peacemaking NPO. After majoring in political sciences, economics, and law, she developed her practice along the years around the premise that beyond the discomfort caused by conflict, it can lead to a more resilient society.

Relying on conflict resolution methods that are based on research and a humanist approach, her practice helps forging innovative and collaborative environments that allow her clients to channel all the potential from conflict by the art of dialogue.

Sam Clermont-Conille

Sam Clermont-Conille

Accredited mediator (IMAQ) and Conflict Prevention and Resolution Advisor

Impassioned by human relations and collective intelligence, Michel Pierpaoli studied Human Sciences before specializing in mediation. His professional experience and his various personal commitments allowed him to develop an advanced expertise in group facilitation and training, relational and emotional intelligence, and positive conflict management like difficult personalities.

Appreciated for his humanity, his ability to listen and to communicate, Michel is a trusted partner, efficient in the analysis and the management of problems from low to high intensity.

Michel Pierpaoli

Michel Pierpaoli

Mediator, facilitator, and trainer

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At BCPR, we are always looking to collaborate with mediators that share high ethical standards, universal mediation values and that wish to practice inside of a multidisciplinary team that comes from all horizons.