Our services

Beriault, Conflict Prevention and Resolution provides integrated services that allow parties to find mutually satisfactory solutions to problems, disputes, conflicts, and litigations in civil, commercial and workplace matters.


Mediation is a rapid and efficient process conducted by a neutral and impartial third party, the mediator. It is a confidential process that allows parties to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. The parties into a discussion to solve by their own the problems they are facing. The mediator cannot force them to settle or give professional expert advice. His/her role is to structure the mediation process and to conduct the sessions to create space for constructive discussions. All of our mediators are accredited and comply with the joint Code of Professional Conduct of the Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Quebec and of the Université de Sherbrooke.

In more than 90% of the mediation processes that we conduct, the parties reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. This is possible because we offer a clear vision of what constitutes mediation and we are able to conduct the mediation processes in a meticulous, pragmatic, and flexible manner.

Group or multiparty mediation

Group or multiparty mediation is a process that enable the resolution of communicational, relational, and operational issues that have negative impacts on the functioning of teams (employees, managers, senior management, etc.) or groups of people that need to collaborate towards a common goal (partners, shareholders, associates, etc.).

This type of mediation allows the identification and implementation of solutions that will benefit all the parties involved, give value and meaning to their contribution to a common goal, and prevent that conflicts turn into litigation. Broup of multiparty mediation significantly reduces the financial and human costs that are inherent to conflicts and prevent their recurrence for the benefit of all.

Advice in conflict prevention and resolution

Organizations and businesses are regularly facing conflicts that need to be dealt with and solved. Without a systemic and adapted approach, conflicts are often poorly handled or left unresolved, which diminishes their ability to reach its goals, causes financial losses and reduces the well-being and the efficiency of employees and managers.

We are regularly called upon to advise organizations and businesses in the development of strategies to solve the negative impacts of this phenomenon. The implementation of conflict resolution systems is essential to anyone who wants to optimize processes and improve organizational performance.


Facilitation processes are often used when there is the presence of problems in the way communications or relations are conducted, but no actual or latent conflicts between the parties. The main objective of these processes is to resolve those issues that have a negative impact on the functioning of partnerships, associations or individuals that need to work together, which may even jeopardize or significantly affect their ability to continue to work together or conduct their joint project.

The facilitator acts as a neutral third party to assist the parties in structuring their communications and meetings to allow for a better understanding of the challenges they are facing and to reach agreement on solutions that preserves their collaboration.

Trainings and coaching

We regularly provide specialized trainings in dispute prevention and resolution. Trainings and coaching are essential tools to prevent conflicts, as well as to allow people involved in a conflict to solve it more quickly and efficiently.

We regularly offer specialized trainings in conflict prevention and resolution. To learn more about it and subscribe, you can check out our LinkedIn company page.

We also design and give trainings that are entirely adapted to the needs of organizations or businesses. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can learn about your needs and offer a customized solution.

Conflict resolution systems design

As experts, we support organizations and businesses in designing and implementing conflict resolution processes and systems that aim at managing problems, disputes, conflicts, and litigation in a fair and efficient way.

The design and optimization of conflict resolution systems allow to enhance organizational justice, reduce considerably the human and financial costs associated to conflicts and improve mental health and interrelations.

Over the past years, we were involved in multiple projects in various areas, including national and international partnerships, local and national educational entities , universities, sports associations and in the cultural organizations.

Governance in conflict prevention and resolution

Organizations like businesses, governmental entities, partnerships, or strategic alliances regularly face conflictual or litigious situations that must be dealt with and solved. Without a systemic and adapted approach, it is hard to prevent those situations to escalate or to solve them adequately. Those unresolved or inadequately solved situations will generate negative impacts, especially by creating barriers to the achievement of strategic objectives and orientations, by causing substantial financial losses and by reducing the efficiency with which projects, tasks and functions are accomplished.

We are experts in the integration of dispute prevention and resolution principles and strategies within the governance of organizations and businesses. We contribute with our actions and advice to the optimization of governance so it can become a vector of efficiency and collaboration.

We are regularly mandated to advise organizations and businesses in the implementation of conflict prevention and resolution policies and guidelines, as well as make recommendations for improvements.