Beriault, Conflict Prevention and Resolution

About us

Beriault, Conflict Prevention and Resolution inc. (BCPR) is a multidisciplinary firm specialized in conflict management. We are experienced and qualified mediators with complementary profiles.

We approach every mediation as being defined by the uniqueness of the situation that generated it and for which parties involved are willing to find a solution in a rapid and effective manner. We enable people that are coping with problems to take a step back from confrontation and to reach an agreement constructively and collaboratively.

Our success depends on the quality of our actions as well as in our engagement to abide by the highest ethic and professional standards. The excellence of our processes lies in our capacity to nurture interdisciplinarity amongst our team and by constantly improving our processes ion the light of the latest practical and theoretical developments in dispute prevention and resolution.

Our services


Mediation is a rapid and efficient process conducted by a neutral and impartial third party. It is a confidential process that allows parties to come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Group and multiparty mediation

Group and multiparty mediation is a process that enable the resolution of communicational, relational, and operational issues that have negative impacts on the functioning of teams (employees, managers, senior management, etc.) or groups of people that need to collaborate towards a common goal (partners, shareholders, associates, etc.).

Advice in conflict prevention and resolution

We advise and accompany organizations and businesses in the development of strategies to optimize their dispute prevention and resolution processes and improve their performance, amongst other in the design and implementation of conflict resolution systems


Facilitation is a process conducted by a neutral third party who assists the parties in structuring their communications and meetings to allow for a better understanding of the challenges they are facing and to reach agreement on solutions that preserves their collaboration.

Training and Coaching

We regularly provide specialized trainings in dispute prevention and resolution. Trainings and coaching are essential tools to prevent conflicts, as well as to allow people involved in a conflict to solve it more quickly and efficiently.

Conflict Resolution Systems Design

As experts, we support organizations and businesses in designing and implementing conflict resolution processes and systems that aim at managing problems, disputes, conflicts, and litigation in a fair and efficient way.

Governance in Conflict Prevention and Resolution

We are experts in the integration of dispute prevention and resolution principles and strategies within the governance of organizations and businesses. We contribute with our actions and advice to the optimization of governance so it can become a vector of efficiency and collaboration.

Our areas of practice

Workplace disputes and litigations

Disputes and litigations between business partners, shareholders, and associates

Commercial disputes and litigations

Agricultural disputes and litigations

Our team

We are experienced and qualified mediators having complementary profiles that will provide personalized and quality services. Our team consists of accredited and certified mediators as well as expert partners and collaborators.